is a studio, publishing house, and occasional bookshop for Los Angeles. The subject matter of the books we carry includes video, photography, sculpture, architecture, design, memory, music, love, skateboarding, and animals (cat, monkey, penguin).


A monthly talk show with artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers, live from the NTS’ Los Angeles studio. Previous guests include Julie Niemi, Jerry Hsu, Guadalupe Rosales, Amanda Ross-Ho, Harold Mendez, Maori Holmes, Foreigner, Kelman Duran, Senay Kenfe, Milano Chow, and Lauren Halsey among others.

SCREEN at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

I founded SCREEN in 2015, and ran it from 2015-2019, it is the first durational, online screening program from an art museum. SCREEN is a series that focuses on what happens in the shadows of the modern condition, capitalism, colonialism, and technology.

GOLDEN AGE, 2007-2011

Golden Age, was Chicago’s only venue dedicated to selling artists’ books and printed matter, with a focus on affordable art publications by emerging artists,  Golden Age hosted exhibition, lecture and performance programs. Golden Age also had a publishing arm, producing ten titles from emerging American artists, participating in events such as the NY Art Book Fair. Golden Age was more than a traditional shop with unusual product; it was also a place where people hung out, browsed books, and talked.